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How to Use Endurance Training Principles to
Condition Your Creative Mind, Supercharge Your Writing Life, and Finish Your Book


You may have heard that writing a book is like running a marathon. That’s more than an apt analogy. You can actually write and finish your book using the same conditioning and energy management strategies endurance athletes use to finish a long-distance race.


   ChiWriting shows you how.


            You’ll learn a unique, practical, and    

                systematic way to put words on the page

                   consistently and progressively by

                        applying endurance training

                            principles to the writing process.

                                You’ll also learn how to

                                     integrate these principles

                                     into your daily life to

                                     optimize overall energy and

                                     well-being, enabling you to

                                     continue meeting other

                               important work and family

                 responsibilities as you pursue and  

         achieve your creative goals. 


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“Mere literary talent is common; what is rare is endurance. The continuing desire to work hard at writing.” 

— Donald Hall

The mission and purpose of ChiWriting is to support you on your creative journey and empower you to finish your book or other long-term creative project. How? By using endurance training principles as a model for conditioning your creative mind and integrating a consistent writing practice into your already busy life. Serious amateur and elite athletes use specific planning techniques and training strategies to prepare both physically and mentally for long distance events. ChiWriting shows you how to adapt and apply these same techniques and strategies to the process of writing—and completing—a book project.

ChiWriting’s unique energy management approach means you’ll train and condition your creative mind just as endurance athletes train and condition their bodies. You’ll develop and harness the physical, mental, and creative energy you need to make consistent progress toward achieving your writing goals. You’ll adopt the same mindsets and habits athletes use to stay focused and productive. And you’ll do all of this while continuing to fulfill important responsibilities in other life domains, such as family and work. Learn more by reading the book (available soon!) and following the ChiWriting Blog.



Photo by Shannon Lohmann

My name is T.A. Pierce. I’m a writer and the creator of ChiWriting, a unique energy management approach to writing and the creative process based on the principles of endurance training. I received my MFA in Writing from Spalding University and I’m a former USAT-certified Level I triathlon coach. ChiWriting is based on my experiences as a writer and endurance athlete. It shows you how to develop and harness the physical, mental, and creative energy you need to cross the finish line of your book or other long-term creative project.

In addition to ChiWriting, I’ve also completed a collection of short stories, some of which have been published in respected journals such as Quarterly West, American Literary Review, and Bellevue Literary Review. I’m also the recipient of an Emerging Artist award (in literary arts) from the Kentucky Arts Council. I live in Louisville with my family and am currently at work on a novel. Feel free to contact me.



As a creative coach, one of the obstacles I see is the way we tend to view our art as separate from our lives. ChiWriting 
dispels that myth and teaches both the science and the art of building a life around your writing. In clear and organized steps,  using time tested concepts as practiced by endurance athletes, the reader is led to a comprehensive path for getting their words out and onto the page. Any artist works with the mystery of creativity. 
ChiWriting provides techniques, understanding, and guidance to help the artist build a framework that allows and encourages the time, freedom, and energy to explore and be immersed in this mystery. If you can’t find a way to the page consistently, or you get to the page but feel you have nothing to say, ChiWriting will help you push through, like an athlete, and get your book finally written.

Most lifestyles make the first principle of any creative endeavor—to actually sit down and focus on creating—difficult to meet. Day-to-day, we are beset by responsibilities and distractions that coax us away from the core goal of producing work. What Tom Pierce has ingeniously devised is a method of time and energy management that works surprisingly well in finding a creative space each day/week/month—in even the busiest of schedules. ChiWriting examines the principles athletes use to train for specific events and applies these to the act of writing—or any creative endeavor. In trying out these principles, I was surprised to realize how much useful work can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes, given the right mindset and commitment. A useful guide whether you want to write stories, essays, poems, or a book-length project.










For inquiries, please contact Tom Pierce:

P.O. Box 22   Harrods Creek, KY  40027

Feel free to contact me.

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